About Bill Brown:

I got started in photography around 1970, after purchasing my first 35mm camera while serving in the US Air Force. At that time, my goal was to document my vacation and travel experiences. Hence, I shot either color negative or slide film. Later I began to experiment with black and white film and doing my own developing and printing. After reading my first Ansel Adams book, I discovered that my real photographic love was black and white landscape photography. So I moved up to the medium format and focused on black and white landscape work. Sometime later I graduated to the 4X5 format. I continued along this path until the late 1980’s, when as often happens in life, I moved off in another direction and reverted back to just shooting family and travel pictures. In 2007 I retired from my full-time job. My retirement present to myself was a Canon 5D DSLR. Since then I have continued to pursue my love for photography, shooting digital. My primary focus is on landscape and nature photography, in both color and black and white.